Resolutions 2021

Before moving forward, sometimes it’s a good idea to look back… Our elder shares a few tips he’d give his younger self—read on for his list of do-overs!

Dear EWC:

If you could tell your younger self something that you know now what would it be?

Dave-Scott replies:

Interesting question. You are basically asking: What do I know now that I could have done so that I felt better about myself today?

Well here goes:
Stay in better physical shape. Although I did regular workouts, I should have pressed myself a bit more. As you get older, and your physique begins to break down, it is impossible to catch up.
Always realize that what a person looks like has nothing to do with the kind of person they are.
Read, read, read.

Honesty is the number one quality any person can have.
You never gain anything by treating someone bad. It is just a reflection of yourself.
People who do nothing but chase money, end up missing out on some of the best things in life.
The times you feel best in life are when you do something for someone else.
Take up fly fishing. Time on the stream is never subtracted from your life. I’ll probably live to be 100.
You are absolutely no better or worse than any other person. You have just made different decisions then they have.

When in doubt, always laugh. And then, laugh some more.
Treating people well is the one thing that will always be rewarded.
If you have children support them, but never try to tell them how they should live their lives.
Do things that are important to you now, today. Never wait for the “right time.”
But most important, if I had to give just one answer about what I could have done to have enjoyed a better life and been a better person it is: “Accept myself for what I am.”

Realize it takes a long time to understand what is important in your life. And because that is something that is constantly changing, you will never really know for sure.
But kudos to you for asking. That is always the first step.

I would also recommend a great self-help book for you; You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero. I really think it might provide you with many answers. This is a book that I read late in life that I wish I had read early in life. Good luck!


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