The perils of online meetings

What to do when you’re caught singing (and you’re not on mute)?

Our elder thinks it’s a lot better than what you could be caught doing!

Dear EWC:

So it’s an online class in my new school. I’m really trying to make an image for myself. I’m whisper-singing a song because my mic is on mute. But then my teacher unmutes my mic but I don’t notice. Then she says who is whispering? I quickly unmute my mic. A girl says ‘it’s (my name) she’s singing.’ I quickly leave the meeting and turn bright red. After weeping for my image, I join again. I’m worried that tomorrow, when I go to physical school to take a test, the kids will tease me. I’m also going through many mental (self made) problems that feel endless. The last thing I need rn was this, Plsssss help. What should I do? Btw I miss my old school so bad, I like it much more than this new one.

Grandpa-Bill replies:

I would not worry about that at all, it isn’t a terrible thing to be singing, nothing to be ashamed about! People will forget about it as soon as there is something new to gossip about which has probably already happened.

Now things to really be ashamed about happen every day like a man who wasn’t wearing any pants during a Zoom call as he thought the others couldn’t see him, or my boss, who once was running a teleconference and when the meeting was over, he thought the microphone was off and he said, “That fat pig” about the other boss; she heard him and he got fired.

Just smile and don’t respond more if anyone says anything about you singing. Trust me no one will remember it in a week.


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