The price of self-respect

Her family’s struggling financially. But how far is this college student willing to go to help out?

Our elder looks at the potential legal and emotional issues of this dilemma.

Dear EWC:

Hello, I am 20 y/o I grew up in a single parent family with 3 other siblings 2 of which are in college with me, so financially we are struggling. I do a little side business but it really doesn’t hold up much.

On my way to school one day I met a man about 50 y/o, we got talking and he got to know about my financial inabilities. So last month he proposed I should sleep with him and he would help with mine and my siblings school needs; he proposed I meet him at a hotel and do the deed. I have been postponing it, trying to think of another way to make money, nothing has worked out.
I am really scared, I have never done anything like this before, and am kind of losing my mind, cause I need the money so bad, my mom is so stressed out working overtime, my older sibling isn’t helping I just don’t know what to do. Should I go to the hotel and meet this man old enough to be my father? I feel so bad, so stressed and just so tired.

Phil replies:

I have some thoughts on your dilemma and hope you will consider what I have to say.

Apparently you have money problems and are considering meeting an older man for intimacy. In return he will help you, and your siblings, with school needs. You didn’t say how much or for how long the guarantee would last. You also didn’t mention how often you would need to meet the man to comply with the arrangement.

Of course you aren’t expecting me to say that it’s a good idea and go ahead. I doubt that you believe it to be something that will satisfy all your family needs, if only for a short time. I hope you aren’t truly contemplating doing what the man has suggested.
I know, in my heart, that this isn’t what you envision for yourself. You sound like a decent person who has momentarily considered an easy way to make needed money. Believe me, it is not easy, and it is not the way you need to help yourself financially. Past that point it is probably against the law and leaves you open to a myriad of diseases.

Money is tough, I understand that. Do not make the mistake of believing that you can somehow take a risky shortcut to your financial woes. Lastly you must want to continue with your self-dignity and respect, both of which will suffer if you continue on the course you are considering.

Turn the man down flat and seek other ways to make the money you need. In the long run you will find it more profitable and a way to morally proceed in your young life. I know you can do it and be much happier in the future.


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