In search of my spirit

When motivation goes missing, how do you get it back?

From our elder’s perspective, it’s not missing. It’s a choice you’ve made. Read on for his results-only recommendations. 

Dear EWC:

Hi! I’m a middle-school student. My country is currently doing a movement control order. So I have to attend online classes. The problem’s source is that my parent is still working and I have to take care of my siblings as an elder son. And because of that, I keep delaying my online homework and barely can attend online class. The problem still continues and I’ve started to lose interest in my lessons. 

I really don’t know how to gain back my spirit. I used to be such a competent student. And I really don’t wanna give up my dream to be a doctor. Can u give me some motivation and advice to overcome my problem? 

I hope you can help me.

Grandpa-Matt replies:

While I can understand your loss of motivation to do the schoolwork along with the added pressure of taking care of your siblings, I believe that motivation is another word meaning choice. 

Be clear that you are choosing to stop working the moment that you stop. It is your responsibility to take charge and keep deciding to move ahead. So far, in my view, you are choosing the path of failure. Maybe it is to prove that you are right in thinking that it is hopeless for you to create a long-term series of successful actions. 

The question is, what mindset keeps you stuck? Many people procrastinate because of a deep-set fear of failure. Often it is based on the false evaluation that you are not competent or capable enough to succeed. Rather than fail, a person will put off going through with the task so they won’t have to admit failure. 

However, it has been demonstrated that very small successful steps done consistently over time produce the most remarkable results. Break down a task into many small steps and take action. Then, go on to the next step. It is like eating a pie. Don’t put the whole thing in your mouth at once. Cutting it into small pieces can allow you to finish the whole pie. 

And after you complete a task, reward yourself by resting your mind as a bonus rather than as an escape!



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