Terrified of driving

I’m about to turn 16 but I’m too scared to drive. 

Most people feel anxious when learning a new skill, says our elder. Tell your parents how you feel and get plenty of practice.


Dear EWC

This summer, I’ll be turning 16, so I am currently working on my driver’s licenses, but the thing is… I’m terrified of the thought of driving. I’ve never once dreamed of driving or had the urge to get my licenses quickly, but my parents would like for me to get my driver’s license when I turn sixteen so I can drive myself to school and practices, etc. I do have my permit, and I’ve practiced driving. I still have a big fear of the worst that could happen. My thoughts tend to go deeper into the what-if or dangers I will be putting myself in once on the road. Like right now, I’m currently breaking down at the fact that I or anyone on the road could be seriously injured or even killed, and although I’m not afraid of death, and am afraid of pain and pain that I can cause to others. I’m not sure if it’s normal to feel like this or if it’s just one of the stages when pursuing a driver’s license. Is there any advice? Should I tell my parents how I’m feeling? Am I just overthinking things?


Dave-Scott replies

I think most people are anxious about driving early on. It’s a skill and like any skill, it takes time to learn and build up your confidence. Some people pick it up quicker than others, but that is true of anything where training and experience are necessary for becoming more proficient. It is perfectly normal to fear that which you do not feel comfortable with.

You do not want to rush things if you do not feel you have the skills and ability to drive safely, do not drive alone. For sure tell your parents how you feel. Yes, they want you to drive yourself, but I am sure they don’t want that more than ensuring the safety of you and others. You just need more practice where you feel comfortable until you gain the self-confidence you need. Have your parents accompany you until you feel you can drive and drive safely. 

I wish you the best of luck – let me know if you think my advice helped and how you do down the road. 

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