Ouija board’s death prediction

The ouija board said I was going to die in 2025 – and now I’m scared it’s true! 

Our elder puts a letter writer’s mind at rest.


Dear EWC

Hi, I’m 15. This may be stupid but I am extremely scared about something that may happen in the future and I don’t know how to stop being anxious about it. Back in 2019 I was fearless and didn’t have a care in the world about anything. Due to my carelessness, I used the ouija board. Me and my brother asked the ouija board when we were going to die and I wish I had never asked that question because it had been bothering me a lot lately. The ouija board first said I was going to die in 2094; however, a little after it told me I was going to die in 2025. I have seen articles where scientists have claimed the ouija board isn’t real and that it is just us moving it unwarily, however I’m frightened that it may actually happen and I’m not sure how. I keep working hard and thinking about a future for myself where I want to accomplish so much but this fear is getting in the way of it. I know it may seem stupid but I literally cry over this because I am so scared that it may be true. I don’t know what to do. 


Grandpa-Matt replies

Look at life this way. We all have a past based on our experiences in life. We all exist in the present moment. When we look at anything that hasn’t yet occurred, it is called a fantasy. So all we have is a past, present and fantasy. We now live in the present but often ignore what is happening right now. What we engage in is what we wrongly call the future. Actually, there is no future, but only our fantasy about what could show up later on. 

We choose positive future fantasies of things and events showing up as beautiful possibilities for ourselves. I don’t feel that it is a place where you hang out. We have negative future fantasies, where we project losing out, dying, and thoughts that we can’t move on up. We ruminate about our past and expect our fears to show up again and again. 

Scientifically, the U.S. Government’s Social Security Office publishes estimates of additional life expectancy. They do not consider a vast number of factors such as current health, lifestyle, and family history that could increase or decrease life expectancy. The life expectancy tables are based on the gender and date of birth you entered your age group and information from our cohort life expectancy tables. See

When I looked at your predicted longevity, they figured you should live more than 70 additional years. The ouija board’s first “prediction” lined up pretty well with the government’s guess. Of course, the second guess is simply warning you to: get vaccinated, drive carefully, stay sober, avoid skydiving, don’t go into a dangerous neighborhood alone at night, and take other hazards of an unpredictable life.

We all have fears that encourage us to live safely, and there are statistical figures that some of us will die earlier than our usual predicted life span. There is no reason to live your life in fear of death. You will miss out on life by doing that. We must live day-by-day with confidence that we will be OK moment-by-moment.

The person who invented the ouija board game bet on the unpredictability of life, and our willingness to frighten ourselves while playing a game. Fear is sometimes short for Forget Everything And Run! Samuel Clements, who wrote under the pen name of Mark Twain, explained it best. “I’ve been through some terrible stuff in my life, some of which actually happened.” What he was saying is that the rest of it never happened. The future fear was for nothing. 

Many studies are predicting the future. Among these are numerologists, tarot readers, palm readers, astrologists, fortune tellers, and psychics. There are also 30 lesser-known ways to tell the future.

In my opinion, what is common to all of them is that they are fantasy-based. Enjoy the fantasy, but don’t buy into the truth of any of them. Our future is a big mystery. Please don’t lose sight of it.

Let me know if the advice makes sense to you. If I can help you further, let me know.

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