How can I stop being stuck?

A low-paid job and a boring routine leaves a letter writer broke and anxious. 

I’ve been through that too, says our elder. Stop thinking, and start getting active in your community.


Dear EWC

Good day! I’m writing this letter to seek some advice regarding my current situation that I’m facing right now. I’m 26 years old right now, I have a single job and that’s it and I’m having some mid-life crisis. The past weeks I got so anxious with no reason and there are times that I just cried. I’m questioning my career path, my goals and dreams, my future plans, my personal growth, and everything that I need and want to achieve. I’m so unmotivated, I lacked in pushing myself too much on how I should start this and that, do this and that. I felt so weak and that’s why I’m so frustrated. I have issues with money because I’m so broke because I don’t have a back up plan cause I’m just sticking with my current job with low salary and less growth for me as an employee but I’m sticking because this is the only stable job that I can get due to the pandemic. And lastly I’m so stuck with my routine, staying at home, thinking things but not moving and it sucks. I miss my family and friends as well. Please help me. What should I do? Enlighten me. Thank you.


Robert108 replies

I’m sorry you are stuck in your life right now. I have been through that too. As for not being motivated, rather than sitting around dwelling on how unmotivated you are, you can force yourself to get involved more in activity, while still protecting yourself from Covid. If you have had your vaccination shots, you are close to being completely protected. Still a good idea to wear a mask. If you like sports, you could join a league volleyball, pickleball, tennis, etc. team. Take walks or runs. Take a yoga or exercise class. Look at the meetup website for your area to see if there are any interest groups you might enjoy joining. Volunteer in your community. 

Meeting people and pursuing something fun or meaningful could stimulate you to get out of the rut you are in regarding your job. You might get motivated to use a job placement agency or to look in the classifieds for jobs in your area. Through that process you might find a more fulfilling and better paying job. Of course, the better paying jobs could require more schooling or training, but some jobs are learned by doing, then as you learn, you could advance in the company. It might take a while, but determined effort will get you to a better job or career. 

If you decide you need training or a degree to get a better job, you could take night classes or online courses after work at your current job. It might take some time, but you can do it.

The main thing is to first break out of the stuck place you are in by getting active in the community. Meeting people through some type of activity is a way to network yourself into a better job and more fulfilling life. I wish you well. 

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