Doctor or lawyer?

This student is trying to decide between two career paths, and she’d like to finalize her choice before she gets to college.

First, choose your college, says our elder. Then you can start to explore.


Dear EWC

Hi, I’m a senior high school student and I’m more pressured than ever on what my future course is. I have two choices in my mind which are pursuing law or medicine. I’ve been thinking about it since when I was in junior high school because my mom is pressuring me to take medicine. Somehow, medicine is my childhood dream and I think my parents took a bite of it and just kept on saying or pushing me to take medicine for my future career. But as time goes by, my perspectives in life are becoming deeper, you know. Time can change anything, and in just a snap I already want to take law. I already opened it to them, but they still keep pushing me to take medicine. I just don’t know what to do. However, any of the two will do because medicine is also near to my heart. I just want it to be finalized before I get into college. I don’t want to make shifts. That would be all my concerns, thank you in advance!


Angela-Rose replies

It sounds like you have been very successful in your school studies in order to be considering two such worthy and outstanding professions! Congratulations on your hard work and dedication to get to the point of planning for college. It is not always necessary to finalize your career choice before you start college. The first year of college is often general studies that apply to any major. Both medicine and law degrees require extra education beyond the four traditional years of college. So you have time to take your general college classes while you spend time exploring both careers in medicine and law. 

There are many ways to explore these careers to see which one you want to pursue. For example, you could volunteer at a free medical clinic in order to work with doctors and learn more about their career. Or perhaps you could get a job working as a nursing assistant in a hospital, another way to learn more about medicine. Perhaps there are internships through the college you will attend to shadow lawyers and learn more about their career. As you make a choice for colleges, ask the college admissions counselors how you can learn more about these careers in order to make a decision. 

The important decision for you to make now is which college will best prepare you to enter either of these professions, giving you the best foundation in your general classes. Work closely with your high school counselor now, and your college counselor when you get to college to continue to explore these options.

Perhaps if you share with your parents that both professions interest you and therefore you want to research them carefully making a very thoughtful, wise decision before making a final commitment, they will understand. Include them as you learn more about each profession, sharing what you find out and then maybe they will be more inclined to support whatever decision you make.

I am excited for the wonderful adventure ahead of you. Either profession will give you great fulfillment. You sound like a very bright and intelligent person so you will do well in your chosen path. 

Good luck.

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