Should I go to Spain?

This college graduate has been offered a job teaching English in Spain but can’t make up their mind whether or not to go. Our elder has questions…


Dear EWC

Hello, I am a soon to be college graduate and for years I planned on pursuing a graduate degree as soon as I graduated with my bachelor, but my plans have changed. I’m not sure what I want to do with my life anymore and I’m about to graduate and I have no plans for the future. I don’t have a real job lined up or anything, but all my friends have jobs or graduate school plans. I decided to apply to a teaching English in Spain program spur of the moment, and I just found out I was accepted. I don’t speak Spanish, which wasn’t a requirement, and I have taught before, but not English. I feel very unqualified, and I am honestly surprised I was accepted. I have to pay a $500 commitment deposit in the next week or so but I really don’t know what to do. Moving to Spain for nine months is a huge change and I’m not sure I can do it. How do I decide what to do with such a short time frame?


Papa-Smokey replies

First off, I would suggest you make sure you understand all aspects of the teaching assignment in Spain. I find it kind of strange that you have to post a $ 500 commitment deposit for a job you should be paid for. The kind of information I would request is that if you don’t speak Spanish then do the students you’ll be teaching understand some English and if not, how do you communicate? What are the financial aspects of the job including how much will you be paid and other benefits, where will you live and how much will it cost, how long is the job commitment, what is the cost of living where you will be, where will you be located and whether it’s in a rural or urban setting, what will you do for transportation, etc. Once you know all this hopefully you can come up with a list of pros and cons of the job and decide whether you think it will be a worthwhile experience and how it will affect you in a financial manner in terms of whether it will be a net financial gain or loss.

I hope these suggestions are helpful. Good luck!

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