IT is not for me

I’m studying for a degree in Computer Science and I hate it! Should I switch careers?

First, decide what you want to do, says our elder. Then you can start to make a plan.


Dear EWC

I am an IT student studying towards a degree in Computer Science. I have recently come to realize that I hate what I am doing and I have no passion to drive me towards graduating. I want to leave my studies and pursue another career. In South Africa it is very hard to get work if you don’t have a degree. I don’t know what to do and I can’t talk to my parents because I have already cost them too much money and they wouldn’t understand.


Jay replies

I certainly can appreciate your dilemma, but hopefully you can see a path forward.

First, I think that what is most important is that you take stock of what you really want to do in the way of a career, and then you need to make a plan as to how to reach your goal.  Presumably, that plan will need to include further schooling. In that regard, is there any way that you can remain at the university and switch to another major? 

Assuming that is not possible, then I think you should talk with your parents and see if they might be willing to help, perhaps in the form of a loan. This might be possible if you have a goal, a plan to reach that goal, and you can convince your parents that you are serious about your goal. If you cannot get anywhere with your parents, I wonder if it might be possible for you to receive financial aid from a university or another third-party source? You may also need a part-time job to fully meet your financial needs. I would think that the worst-case scenario is that you might need to get a full-time job and stick with it until you have enough resources to resume your studies. In the United States, occasionally you can start a career with a company with the expectation that the company will pay for your studies to the extent that they relate to your career. I do not know whether that is possible in South Africa.

Again, remember that the starting point is for you to assess what you want to do with your life, and then come up with a viable plan to reach your goals. I wish you the best of luck.

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