I’m terrified of rain

… and it’s ruining my life! I haven’t been outside for three months. There’s a name for your phobia, says our elder. 

You’re not alone – and here’s what you can do.


Dear EWC

I’m seeking out help with a phobia of rain that I have and I’m looking for someone to help me with this feeling and reasons to try and find a way to stay calm rather than anxiety. I’m really seeking answers for this rain phobia so I hope that someone can give advice and wisdom knowledge about the weather or something because I’ve been stuck inside for three months now and have a form of agoraphobia. I’m trying my best to reach out about it because I’m scared of going outside now and I feel I’m struggling to understand why this had to happen to me. And why no one seems to be helping me much, especially with my fear of loneliness which runs quite deep. So I’d appreciate any thoughts.

Lincoln-Parker replies

You may be aware that there is a name for your condition: ombrophobia. Therefore, you are not alone in your fears. I suggest that you Google it to find out more about the phobia. When you do, you will find out that it is treatable, but it will probably require some professional therapy. A little bit of such professional help is something many of us have had to look for in our lifetime, and it is certainly better than the anxiety that crops up every time you hear rain or, even worse, try to go outside. As the articles point out, this may result from something traumatic in your past that you don’t even remember or associate with rain. Let a professional (which I am not) help you find out why this is happening to you and help you address and put it behind you.

Don’t be too hard on others for not trying to help. Phobias such as you are experiencing are not easy for those who have never experienced them to understand. They probably do not understand the discomfort that you go through. They may think that you should be able to shrug this off like a bad hair day. A professional will understand what you are going through, and he/she will help you overcome your fears so that you can get back to enjoying your life and these other people who really do care about you despite what you think right now.

You are not alone in these phobias, but others have gotten help, and so can you. Please consult someone immediately and get your life back.

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