Should I ask him to the dance?

I want to go to the dance with my crush, but I’m so scared of rejection. 

The odds are in your favor, says our elder. Go get ‘em!


Dear EWC

Okay, so there is this guy in my class. I have a huge crush on him I want to ask him out but I’m nervous and have anxiety and I’m scared of rejection. The dance is on Friday, which is in two days. What should I do?


Phil replies

Well to begin with, the lag time between you sending your request and us answering makes it doubtful that you will hear from me prior to the dance. But there will be other times and more dances so I will tell you what I know.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, is afraid of rejection. None of us want to ask someone out and have them say no. Of course, it’s a possibility that they will do that but it’s also a chance that they will agree. I recall wanting to ask someone out so bad it hurt and knowing, in my heart, that they didn’t want to go out with me. Why did I believe that? Who knows but we all are afraid of the unknown. The opposite sex is the unknown and for some reason will remain that way.

However, back to basics. Somehow you need to overcome your initial fear and go ahead to make that call. The odds are better than 50-50 in your favor and, frankly, what do you have to lose? The first time is always the most difficult and I promise it gets easier with time. Not easy but easier.

Work up your courage and just go to him and say, “Hey, how about going with me to the dance”. See what happens. If he is in agreement so much the better and if, for some reason he isn’t, you can try again. It’s like anything else in life in that it gets simpler with time. One day you will do it without thought and laugh about how shy you initially were.

Go get ‘em girl, you can do it.

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