I’m terrified of eviction

Health issues, behind on the rent… how can I keep my vibration up? 

You’re on the right track, says our elder. Being positive will help you move from despair to hope.


Dear EWC

I’m so stressed I can feel it in my body. I’m going back and forth from trying to be positive (lots of meditation) and crying. I have two potential clients who have not started their contracts yet and I have no idea how I’m going to pay my rent, which is already behind. I’m absolutely terrified that I’m going to be evicted. My kids would help if they could, but they are struggling as well. I’m 58 and feel like I can’t get it together and just take care of myself. I have health issues and can’t work a normal job, which would be fine if I could have consistent contracts. I don’t have a car, living in a sketchy neighborhood, and I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I keep going back to all the mistakes in my life and just keep bringing myself down lower and lower. I guess my question is how do I keep my vibration up and keep from drowning in self-pity? I’m so tired of being poor, but I don’t know what to do. Any reassurance or words of wisdom would help. 


Ms.Mary replies

I’m so sorry you find yourself facing such a challenging situation. It’s no wonder you are stressed, and your body reflects the angst you feel. Although I can’t address your specific problems/solutions, I think you are on the right track, as you mentioned being positive, meditating, and keeping your vibration up. Your mindset can make all the difference – and it seems like you are closer than you think to finding the answers you are looking for.

Fear and doubts work terrible havoc with the imagination, which pictures all sorts of dire things. Abundance cannot get to a person who focuses on such thoughts. Faith is its perfect antidote. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Things have the power over us with which we endow them. Whatever we give our attention to gets bigger whether we like it or not. Though challenging, it is essential to decide that you will be okay, you are strong, and you will get through this.

You titled your letter, “Can’t seem to change my thinking.” That’s understandable, but it would serve you well to start affirming what you want, not what you fear. How would you feel without the thought that you can’t change your thinking? Stop and consider that. If you think you can’t, you can’t – but you are strong and have a choice.  How would you feel if you knew you could change your thinking and will get through this trying time? Imagine the relief and comfort.

It’s impossible for success to come from thinking about failure. In proportion to increasing your confidence by affirming what you wish, your ability will increase. You don’t need to know how you will overcome these obstacles, but you need to know you will. Focus on anything in your past that was positive or brought you happiness. Never allow yourself to think meanly, narrowly, or poorly of yourself. Any mistakes you made previously are irrelevant. Let them go. They don’t matter. That was then, and this is now. Make up your mind that your life will improve and you will bring yourself up. Know that you will figure out what to do. Those answers will come to you as needed.

Don’t take any action in your current frame of mind. Your goal now is to go gradually from despair to hope. Think and say only that which you wish to become true. Practice an upward trend in your thinking (about yourself and others). Faith is the ability to trust things hoped for, the evidence of things yet unseen. 

Know that you deserve prosperity, good health, and happiness. Imagine how that will feel. You are laying the foundation of your future on your mental plane by the expectations you are visualizing. You can’t do anything more than you plan to do. You can’t change things immediately, but they will improve gradually as you learn to think optimistically. Eventually, positive thinking will become a habit. Refuse to let any obstacles along the way get you down. Remember that whatever is in your mind at the moment is what you are inviting to come and live with you. You are the master of your thoughts.

I hope my advice isn’t overwhelming and doesn’t seem like a lot of nonsense. What I’ve suggested has changed my life for the better. I’m not always this direct, but I believe from what you said that you are more attuned than most – and closer to turning your life around than you know.  I’m happy to talk with you further, dear. I will send good thoughts your way and keep you in my prayers. You are also welcome to resubmit your letter for a second opinion. We have many wise elders who would love to help you.

I’ll close with two of my favorite quotes:

“You must have faith in something greater than your past experiences.” – Author unknown

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.” – Author unknown

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