Does Santa exist?

This letter writer wants to believe again. Luckily, our elder knows Santa personally… 


Dear EWC

I don’t really believe in Santa and some articles say yes, he is real and some say no he is not real. I am confused: Is Santa real or not real? To be honest I just want to believe again. But how can I without knowing the truth? Please help. Love, Non-Believer


M_Markie replies

I have to say this is the easiest request that I’ve ever answered for The EWC. I also have to say that I’m sorry you are a non-believer.

The truth is I know Santa. He’s a member of my lodge (my special meeting group). He hasn’t felt very well for a long time, and, quite frankly he is very busy this time of year, visiting with all those good girls and boys. After the New Year, he usually takes a vacation, so I don’t expect to see him until February or so, assuming he feels well enough to visit with us. I’m not concerned, except I wish he felt better. Perhaps you can say a prayer for him. Now, those Santas you see in the Malls aren’t really Santa. They are just helping him out, since he can’t be everywhere, all the time. I’ve often told him to message me if he needs help (I get through to him by email – sorry, I can’t release that information because frankly it is a lodge secret), but he always says he doesn’t need any help, but will “see me soon.” 

Now, I don’t know much about Santa’s line of work. He is quite secretive. What I do know is that his hair and beard are real, and not just some outfit. Yes, they are “white as snow.” He always wears his Santa Suit when he comes to our lodge meetings. So, yes, Santa does exist. I hoped last year he would visit with my grandchildren, but he couldn’t make it. He was too busy. So, we visited “Santa” at the mall. That fellow is a farmer and only comes to the mall each year to play the role of Santa. He’s a very nice fellow, though. I’m not certain that his hair and beard are real, and I wouldn’t ask. Anyway, as if by magic some presents appeared under my daughter’s tree and they said they were from Santa. I just don’t know. Maybe they were or maybe my daughter just labeled them that way. To me it makes no difference. You see, the spirit of the holidays is all that is important to me and while Santa is around, however long that is, we will cherish that special time with family.

So I do hope you have a very joyous and merry holiday and I do hope you don’t forget to say your prayers every night. I know I always do. That keeps me on the “nice list”, I suppose. Feel free to write again to The EWC about anything else that bothers you. It was my pleasure to share with you the truth.

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