Will I get suspended?

I did something stupid at school and now I’m scared it was caught on camera. Will I get in trouble?

Our elder has some reassuring words.

Dear EWC

Today at school during study hall I did something that’s super stupid. My friend and I were walking in the hallway and she had an idea to do the trend where she jumps and slams herself in the lockers. I thought it was funny and recorded her. Now we’re scared a camera caught us and we’re gonna get suspended. This probably sounds really stupid but I’ve never gotten in trouble before and I’m very sacred. Do you think I’ll get suspended or in trouble at all? I’m in 8th grade btw. Thanks!

Ms.JuliaJ replies

Thanks for writing to us! I’m really glad I’m the one who got to answer your letter. You sound like a very normal middle school student who likes to have fun and is just a little bit impulsive_just like most kids your age. Heck, even adults sometimes act without thinking and we should know better, right?

I honestly do not think that you will get suspended for recording your friend slamming into a locker. You might get a warning to stop messing around in the hallways and you might have been recorded on your school’s cameras if your school has them. But no one was hurt and you weren’t fighting or throwing things_those sorts of actions will definitely get you into trouble.

If a teacher or principal talks to you, it will be very soon, and I’m guessing that if they haven’t talked to you by the time you read this, they aren’t going to. But just in case they do, be respectful and say you know you shouldn’t have been playing around and you won’t do it again. You probably know that teachers and principals really appreciate students who are polite.

I hope you just enjoy your friendships and the rest of the school year.  And next time, just take time to think about the action you are about to do. If it is something that will worry you, it’s probably best not to do it.

Take care!

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