Spoiling for a fight

A guy in my class is always cursing at me, and I’m now at breaking point.

Help! It’s time the teacher got involved, says our elder.

Dear EWC

Hi. Before I start I want you to know I’m a 13-year-old girl in middle school. Anyways, at my school we have 10-week classes that are electives. Well one of my electives is a computer class and there is this really annoying guy that sits next to me. Well he’s always saying stuff to make me mad. For an example in class we can listen to music while we work, he always makes fun of the music I listen to, because it’s older music. He will always mess with my computer. In the beginning of the ten weeks he would turn it off while I was logging in. He only stopped doing that because one day I was having a bad day and yelled at him. Well now he only pretends he is going to turn it off. When I’m typing he presses button on my computer to mess me up. He calls me names. He curses at me. When he curses at me I curse back. I don’t like cursing but I’m not going to let him disrespect me like that. On Friday he took it to the extreme and was cursing at me. I’m honestly over it. I want to fight him on Monday, and I’m really mad. What should I do?


It sounds as if you have hit your limit with this guy! I don’t blame you for your level of frustration, but fighting him will not do anything to help your situation.

Although you may think of it as snitching, telling your teacher you need to sit elsewhere is not unreasonable. If the teacher wants to know why, you should tell them that your seatmate is distracting you from your work. If that doesn’t do the trick, then you will need to tell them how he is distracting you and that you cannot handle it yourself.

If the teacher doesn’t move you then you should see the principal. You have the right to be free from this jerk to do your work and learn in an atmosphere that doesn’t include being cussed at! But you do need to stand up for yourself without using his tactics. The teacher and others will respect you for not stooping to his level!

Good luck to you!

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