How can I get Snapchat back?

She posted bad stuff on Snapchat so her mom deleted her account.

Have you really learned your lesson, asks our elder.

A couple months ago, I posted bad things on Snapchat. My mom found out and she deactivated my account. A couple days later I begged her to let me have my Snapchat again and she said yes. Then again, she caught me posting bad things and she told me not to use Snapchat but she did not deactivate it so I still can be on Snapchat just without her knowing. So now, five months after, I went to homecoming with my friends and when I came back home my mom saw that I had Snapchat. She looked through all my messages and posts. She was very disappointed. She deactivated my Snapchat again. When you deactivate your Snapchat you have 30 days until your account deletes. I really want my Snapchat back. I don’t want my mom to think I’m bad. What should I do to get my Snapchat account back?

Dayle replies

I think you know the answer to this as well as I do. First you have to convince your mom she can trust you. And second, you have to stop doing the things that make your deactivate your account, such as posting bad things. Is it really important to be ugly on Snapchat? And, when you’ve cheated and posted bad things for as long as you have, why wouldn’t your mom be disappointed and deactivate your account?

It seems like you’ve got a lot to do to mend our relationship with your mom about this, and then decide how to use Snapchat responsibly, regardless of whether your friends are doing so, Please be the person your mom wants you to be. That means stop cheating and doing ugly things. I hope your mom will give you one more chance before your account deletes, but that is really up to you to see that happens.

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