I got my period at school!

Should I be embarrassed, asks a letter writer.

Not at all, says our elder. It happens to everyone.

Dear EWC

I was on my period last Friday and I bled onto my seat during class. I didn’t realize at the time because I had a pad on, just not in the right position. I bent over when putting my laptop in the cart, and I think a few people saw. How embarrassed would you be about this? I’m hoping people will forget about it, but I’m not sure.

Good-Listener replies

I understand your embarrassment, but I’m not sure I know a woman that this hasn’t happened to at one time or another in her life. I’m not trying to dismiss your feelings — not — and hope it doesn’t come across that way.  I just want you to know that it’s one of those things, and it will pass. Stuff happens. Hold your head up and let this go. People will forget about it. Chances are, it has happened or will happen someday to one of your female co-workers, friends, etc. anyway. I’ll also bet that at some point in the future, you’ll be telling another young woman not to be embarrassed too.  Good luck and feel better!

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