Should I rat out my coach?

He’s a sexual predator.

Hell yes, says our elder.

Dear EWC

For the last three years, I have been participating in an activity at school. This activity has provided many friendships and opportunities, which I am grateful for. Recently rumors, most of which I know to be true, have come out about the director or coach of the activity. When a female student graduates, he tries to be with them sexually. This of course isn’t illegal, but morally wrong on many levels. Generally, the girls he targets are clinically depressed and unsure of themselves. They don’t know right from wrong and him doing this only damages them more. I love this activity, but as a sign of protest I am heavily considering not participating in this year’s season. Another girl a few years ago noticed this trend and pondered the same question I am dealing with. When she decided not to partake in the activity, she was bullied by members and made fun of by the director. This girl is my friend and I had absolutely no idea she went through this. I am afraid that these things will happen to me, but if it does happen then I know I chose the right decision. Although this may be true, I know whichever decision I choose I will ultimately regret. What should I do?

Renee replies

You have been put into a very unfortunate situation. No young person should have to make such a choice. My strong advice is to talk to a school counselor and tell him/her exactly what is going on. Your coach is a sexual predator, period. He should not be in a position of authority around young women. And you have the opportunity to show what a strong, powerful, independent woman will do in such a situation. 

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