Am I being childish?

I fell out with a friend, but my husband still met up with her for business. He should have stuck by me, right?

Sure he should, says our elder. But men can be lacking insensitivity.

Dear EWC

My husband and I have a mutual friend but she is a ‘I get along better with guys than girls’ kind of girl. So we never really became close girlfriends. Recently we stopped talking completely. She’s not a nice person and was rude to my husband. I reacted and backed my husband. Well, even more recently they started talking again, mostly because he needed something from her. He needed to meet up with her for business but she said she wouldn’t work with him if I was going to be there. I said I wouldn’t go. But inside I was hoping he would stand by me and tell her to forget it — but he didn’t. Is that childish of me or should he have stuck by me?

Mrs. G replies

I support your feelings 100 percent. Yes, your husband should have stood by you, but oftentimes men just don’t. They don’t seem to have the sensitivity that we women have. To them, the issue is usually just about what they need. Since he needed something from this so-called friend business-wise, I’m sure it didn’t even occur to him to respect your feelings on the matter.
Does this mean you have a bad marriage? Not at all. If you can understand where his mind was and now let the matter go, you will feel better. This gal sounds like a real winner so I hope in the future your husband won’t have to deal with her anymore. But if he does, just try to grin and bear it. Maybe down the road, he’ll see the light and see her for who she really is. Remember, sometimes it just takes men longer to get the total picture 🙂
Take care.

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