My teacher hates me!

Should I speak to her about it?

I doubt very much that she hates you, says our elder. But you could pick a good moment to explain your concerns.

Dear EWC

I feel like my teacher hates me! This morning when I walked into my class, my teacher said good morning to everyone else but then when it came to me, when I walked in, the first thing she said was, “Don’t let me have a problem with you.” And I never give her problems. Every day she finds a reason to pick on me even when I’m doing so good. What should I do?

should I say something to her about it (but then again I don’t want to upset her)? Please help!

Sense replies

My suggestion is to talk to your teacher privately (even though this might seem difficult) and ask her why she considers you to be a troublemaker. She may have reasons that you do not know about. Or perhaps she is just teasing you and actually likes you (since you sound as if you are a good student). I can’t tell from your letter what kind of facial expressions she has when she speaks to you (or how you react to her comments). Does she look angry when she talks to you? Do you smile at her when she says these things or act annoyed? Are you certain that you are the only one she picks on? These are some questions you might want to consider for future interactions.

I was a teacher for many years and know that they have many stresses in their lives, with so many students to deal with each day. Sometimes teachers blow things out of proportion, just the way students do. If you haven’t done anything to cause problems in her class, then you should express your concern and confusion to her, and ask her to clarify her comments.
Speaking to her when she is not super busy should help you get on better footing with her. By letting her know you have good intentions in her class, she may take the pressure off of you and show more understanding and sympathy.

Teachers don’t hate students, or they wouldn’t have gone into teaching in the first place. Perhaps your teacher has something going on in her own life that makes her easily upset. Teachers are people too, and misunderstandings can occur with their students. If you talk to her about how you feel, she will likely think of you as a responsible person and will have more respect for you. Then she may start encouraging you more, and stop picking on you!

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