Does she or doesn’t she?

Maybe it’s flirting. Maybe it’s friendly.

Our elder offers a few creative approaches to finding out if she really likes you.

Dear EWC:

A girl that knows I could possibly have interest in her keeps saying my name whenever we see each other in the hallway. She might try to tease me by saying my name in a weird way or acting friendly to me by saying hi. She is always with her close friends when she chooses to interact with me.

We’ve known each other for a while now, but we haven’t had a one-on-one conversation with each other. I also realized that she’s playful when it comes to her guy friends too, but I’m not as close to her as they are. At the same time, she is very much aware of the old rumors that said I had a crush on her. I, of course, denied any of these rumors being true but refrained from saying I wasn’t interested in her.

For being someone as outgoing as she is, I was surprised to never hear a response on how she felt towards me. I’m unsure of where I should go from here; confess to her, move on, tell my friends how I feel… One way or another I want to know how she feels about me and why she keeps treating me this way too.

Jan4you replies:

I can appreciate the dilemma you are in with this girl. Confusing, yes! My guess is you are a mystery to her as well. Either yes, she is being friendly or flirting when she sees you. Teasing can sometimes be a form of flattery. It’s safe if it isn’t hurting your feelings. And she may be wondering if you really notice her and want to be close too.

Let me tell you, females like compliments and a sense of humor. So why not play along when she says your name in a weird way. For example, if your name was Tim Adams, and she says “Hi, TImmmmy,” say back, “That’s Mr. Adams to you!” Something like that…
But when she says hi and is being friendly, say hi (add her name) and smile. A smile and sense of humor is a great way to connect, even if for a few seconds. Whatever you do, until you know for certain that she wants to be a better friend, do not assume it for now. Just be friendly! If you do find yourself able to speak one-on-one, pay her a sincere compliment or make her laugh.

Bottom line, be yourself! Don’t act, be genuine. Smile and take your time. Let me know how it goes. What do you have to lose? You may just have another friend. Or maybe more.


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