Best friends forever… Or more?

Are these two friends meant to be together?

Timing is everything says our elder, but don’t wait until it’s too late to find out.

Dear EWC:

So my best friend and I have been friends for 8 years now and we used to spend all of our time together. We went to different high schools so we didn’t see each other as often as we could have. We were still super close and loved spending time together. We were both still young and didn’t think much of a serious relationship even though we both liked each other, and all of our friends knew it too. However, we never admitted it to each other and we both met other people and started dating. Every time one of us got into a relationship we would both hurt so much. We are still best friends and we care about each other so much. We are going to varsity next year and want to spend time together before we leave. I love him so much – he is my best friend and I don’t know what to do.

You see, I finally realized that I don’t want to date other people, but now he has a girlfriend. I know that she’s horrible to him and all of our friends can see it too. Every time we spend time together we grow closer and closer, and we realize how different things could have been. He even apologized to me for letting other people get into our relationship. I don’t know what to do – I just have a feeling that we are meant to be together and it hurts me so bad seeing him with another girl… Please help!

Salvador replies:

Sit down with him and let him know how you feel about him.
I must make sure of something though. Don’t ask him to be with you while he still has a girlfriend. So, let him know how you feel about him and that you want to be with him. At the same time, find out if he feels the same way. If that is the case, don’t agree to start a formal relationship BEFORE he ends his relationship with his girlfriend.
For some reason, both of you have not tried to take the relationship to the next level after so many years. It is time to do so. Find out whether both of you want to take the next step.

However, be prepared for him to keep being friends only. That is a possibility. If that is the case, you will have to go on with your life and not focus on him anymore. From his end, it is possible that he has never expressed his feelings because he loves you as a friend only. So, again, be prepared for that possibility.

I hope this reply helped you and that it all works out for the best. Again, bring-up the issue and see what happens.


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