Embracing your own creativity

This aspiring artist has serious doubts about her skills.

Don’t compare, advises our elder. Your art is what makes you, you!

Dear EWC:

I’ve always loved art and drawing. As a kid, I was always praised for my art and seriously considered a career in it but unfortunately, a long depressive stage of my life settled in and I stopped really anything to do with art.

Recently though I’ve been making progress with my mental health and wanted to get back into it. However, once I realized how my art skills have stayed at the level I left it at and seeing my peers’ superior artwork, I’ve become really discouraged. I’m constantly questioning my self-worth and I’m wondering if I should even try to get back into art.
So I guess I’m just looking for some good advice on what I should do…

Sageworthy replies:

Your letter caught my attention because I have several family members who love art and drawing, as you do; I have seen, over the years, how much joy and pleasure it brings them. I am so glad to hear you are making progress with your mental health. I hope you will continue to feel better every day. Drawing can be so therapeutic and calming; I think you should absolutely stick with it.

Please try not to compare your artwork with other people’s work. What you produce is unique to you, and that’s what makes it special, in my opinion. That being said, it’s natural to want to learn new techniques and grow as an artist. Perhaps taking some classes would be uplifting and exciting for you.

You mention that you are “constantly questioning” your self-worth. I am wondering if you would be open to sharing your thoughts and feelings about this with a mental health professional. I think exploring this issue, along with delving into art projects that you love could really be inspiring and productive. Please know that your artwork does not define you. You have a talent, and that talent certainly is a gift, for you and others to enjoy. You are worthy because you are a thinking, feeling, and lovable human being. It is certainly understandable to lack confidence sometimes. We all do. I know the creative/ artistic people in my life are sensitive souls, who feel things very deeply. Perhaps it is the same for you.

Take care of yourself. Throw yourself into the beauty of creativity. Continue on your journey to feeling better and whole as a human being. I will be thinking of you and wishing you peace and fulfillment in your life.


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