Will my ex come back?

I don’t know the answer to that, says our elder. But I can advise you to live your life as if he won’t. Move on as best you can.


Dear EWC

Hello! I just wanted to ask for some advice about my current situation. My ex and I recently broke up. He initiated the breakup and I let him go with grace. He said that he feels we are too different to be happy in the long term, and he had tried to solve the problem on his own but couldn’t find any solution. He also said that he really wants to be with me and he was really happy with me, but he feels like he can see the end so he doesn’t want to prolong the inevitable. He also mentioned that he is not sure if he is doing the right thing or not… We dated for five months, but I am sure that he really loved me and that we shared a deep connection. At the point of the breakup, I had just realized I made many mistakes, but since he already decided to end things, I felt it was too late to explain things to him and I didn’t want him to feel like I was trying to change his mind. Instead, I just told him that I understand how he is feeling and I know I made some mistakes. I mentioned that I want to learn from my mistakes and become a better person. And so I told him it would be good for me to be alone right now. It has been almost two weeks and I have been doing no contact… I am working on myself and trying to focus solely on that, but I can’t help but wonder if he will come back?


Good-Listener replies

I’m sorry you’re still so confused about your ex right now. The question at hand is, “will he come back”? I have no idea, but my best advice is to move forward with your life as though he will not. It’s possible you guys could reconcile… never say never. But it sounded fairly final to me – at least in the foreseeable future, so to sit around waiting for him, would be a grave injustice to yourself. Go out and follow your interests, passions, and try to be around people and situations that make you happy. Not only will you be at your best, but others will see you in that light too. It may help distract you from any pain you are feeling and may also put you in contact with some cool guys you haven’t met yet! Continue to work on yourself – as it will pay off no matter what happens. And, believe it or not, some time from now you may look at your experience with the guy fondly, but as not that significant. Or you may run into him a long while from now and at that time it clicks. Move on as best you can – distract yourself with positive endeavors, and enjoy your life. Good luck.

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