Ghosted by my best friend

I’ve tried everything but she still won’t speak to me. 

Try not to take it personally, says our elder. It will hurt for a while but it will fade over time.


Dear EWC

Hello, to whoever is reading this. I hope you’re doing well. My best friend and I have not talked and it’s been five months. She just stopped replying to my messages. We’ve been friends since 7th grade (almost seven years). I tried to reach out to her but she’s avoiding my calls and chats. I tried and I tried. I was sad that she did not greet me on my birthday but it’s OK because maybe she is having a hard time. My other friends also tried to reach her but she did not respond. I unfollowed her on all of my social media. Everything hurts cuz she’s my best friend and we’ve been through so much together. I am tired of crying. I really miss her. I do not know what to do.


Good-Listener replies

I’m so sorry about your friend suddenly “disappearing”. This happens sometimes – even with close friends. It’s happened to me too – and it leaves one sad, up in the air, and just feeling awful.

You’ve done pretty much everything one can do… You even had friends reach out to her, but they got no response either. Chances are, this has nothing to do with you, but something she is going through – and who knows what type of crisis or crises that is. At this point, there’s little to do, but move forward. I know how hard it must hurt, but until she decides she wants to communicate again – you’ll have to simply hope for the best, and that she resurfaces at some point – which she may.

I can tell you not to take it personally – but it’s hard not to. Again, there could be a lot of reasons she is out of touch. A wise friend said to me once when you’re trying to find an explanation for something, “think of ten reasons and it’s the eleventh”. At this point you just don’t know, and you have to hope she’s OK and that at some point will show up again. Try to find some healthy distractions for yourself to move ahead. This may hurt for a while, but in time she’ll either re-emerge, or it will fade a bit in time. I wish you only good luck.

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