Possessed by a demon

This letter writer believes he is possessed. 

That sounds unlikely, says our elder. But do talk to a priest. 


Dear EWC

Hello. I’m possessed by a demon. I’ve been going to church and all but the problem is getting worse – the demon is blocking me and gaining more control of me. I need help. I don’t know what to do.


William replies

Thanks for writing to the Elder Wisdom Circle for advice. Please excuse the delay in our response as our letter volume has been somewhat high as of late. We are not experts, just retired elders who offer a grandparent’s advice on issues that sometimes confound Advice Seekers such as yourself.

I am reasonably sure that you are not possessed by a demon. I’m no expert on the topic, and you say you are a religious person. Might this be something you want to discuss with your pastor or priest? They are experts on such matters, and they possibly may have insights on a potential possession that I do not. Remember, when we have legal problems, we talk to an expert such as a lawyer. Similarly, if we have medical issues, we talk to a medical expert like a doctor or a nurse. Presumed possession is, in my opinion, a religious issue and if my answer is insufficient, seek out a religious expert.

In my opinion, this is more likely just a string of bad luck. Remember, life consists of ups and downs. We go through periods of good and bad things happening to us. Sometimes when we get a long period of bad luck, everything we try to do goes wrong. When this happens, it’s easy to look for a simple reason. That’s why some people believe in demons, possession, spells, incantations, hexes, and jinxes. In my view, all of that is very, very unlikely. 

During my life, there were periods when it seemed that I could do nothing right!  Everything I tried failed. These times were often followed by intervals where I could do nothing wrong. Everything I attempted to do worked out better than I would have imagined. Why?  I don’t know. In life, we run into these periods that seem inexplicable. One thing I can tell you is that almost everything is temporary. Whatever is going on will stay more or less the same for a while, and then things will change. Whatever setbacks and adversity you are experiencing today will not continue indefinitely. You just need the patience to wait it out.

These are also troublesome times worldwide because of the Covid-19 pandemic. With all of its health and economic woes, the coronavirus has amplified some of the things we used to shrug off. The good news is that this virus seems to be on the decline. Whether you look at a specific state, province, or country, the same pattern emerges. The numbers of new cases and deaths have dropped significantly in the past 6-8 weeks. The combination of masks, physical distancing, reduced travel, and limited gathering sizes has substantially reduced its pace. There are also several vaccines being deployed and more in development. While I can’t say when, I am convinced this will be nothing more than a bad memory in the not-too-distant future. Is it possible that all the news, lockdowns, sickness, and deaths we hear about every day have convinced you that a demon is causing it, or has possessed you?

Thank you for giving me a chance to help. There’s always someone here for you so, please, call on us whenever you’d like a second opinion or bit of assistance with which you’d wish to talk. We’ll always do our best for you. Take care!

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