Why can’t it still be summer?

The summer vacation is way too short when you don’t want to go back to school. 

Try to anticipate the good things about the new academic year, says our elder, and embrace the adventure.


Dear EWC

Hi! For me at least, time feels like it’s passing very very fast. Two and a half months of summer vacation are almost over and it has felt really short. Although I do enjoy being on summer vacation a lot, I don’t mind going back to school that much. However, I don’t want to go into high school (I’m going into 8th grade this fall) . I know I can’t say whether I like high school or not since I’ve never been in it, but it doesn’t seem as good as middle school. I know ‘time passes faster when you’re having fun’ but still even when some days haven’t been fun they still feel like they pass quickly. I don’t want to grow up but that is inevitable, the main thing is that I’m not ‘prepared’ for when change happens, such as school starting or ending, etc. I could always think to myself, don’t worry about summer ending since there is over two months of it, but when it inevitably ends, then I am like, ‘Wait, what?’ 


PicklesMarie replies

Wait! What! Summer is coming to an end? 

In my ‘neck of the woods’ which is really in the woods, this means the ferns are yellowing, pines will be losing their needles, deer are changing from their summer light brown to a drabber dun color. Just like you can’t stop the seasons, you can’t stop the progression of time… it marches on and on and on!

It is a good thing that time is passing fast for you. That means you’re engaged and probably finding good fun things to do. And growing up, as you know, is inevitable, and usually not horrible. Try to embrace the joys of each and every time of life. Life keeps changing – that’s exciting! 

You can find good things to do whatever your age. Look forward to starting 8th grade. It’ll be quite an adventure!

When you get to feeling down, which I think comes with the ‘teen territory’, strive to do positive thinking. The ‘teen territory’ hits on, in my opinion, three fronts – physical changes and mental changes and changes in the expectations of those around you. Tough! It means, however :-} you’re maturing. 

You can be ready for school starting. Approach this change simply. Try not to anticipate… take things in your stride as they happen. Try to enjoy the excitement of change. Try to note the good things about your new school year. Try not to get caught up in too much worry; things will be okay. 

And if things aren’t okay, use the help available by talking to a counselor or a teacher. These people have helped teens like yourself. in the past. 

Good luck! Have a great school year! Realize, too, that your classmates may be worried too. Extend a smile and a helping hand!

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