My brother’s getting married 

I’m scared I’m going to lose him. 

There’s no limit to love, says our elder. Your brother will always be there for you. Enjoy the wedding!


Dear EWC

Hi, my brother is getting married tomorrow. I have been excited but now I feel that I will lose him. He has always been there for me to guide me, understand me and has helped me in making the right decisions. He is my best friend – with him I feel like I belong somewhere, though I’m just 16. I don’t know how his married life would affect our relations. Please help.


Ms. Mary replies

I hope this letter gets to you before the wedding! It’s natural to worry that your relationship with your brother may change after he gets married. However, the love you feel for each other will never change – it will continue to grow. As a newlywed, he might not have quite as much time for you at first, but that won’t last long. Trust that you two will continue to become closer and closer over the years.

Rarely do the things we worry about ever happen. We waste time and energy imagining things that will never be. How would you feel without being scared that you’d lose him? Relieved? Happy? Let go of any thoughts that make you feel bad. They don’t serve you or him. Believe that he will always be there instead of worrying about it. If you continue to worry, I suggest you share your fears with your brother after he has a week or two alone with his new bride so that he can reassure you that he will always love you, understand and guide you.

We all have an infinite amount of love inside of us. Having multiple people in one’s life doesn’t limit that love. And, you may find that you become almost as close to his wife as you are to him.

I hope you enjoy the wedding celebration instead of worrying. Have lots of fun! Eventually, your brother will attend your wedding. You’ll realize then that you have plenty of room in your heart for your husband and brother. There is no limit to loving and caring. In fact, the more, the better. You have so much to look forward to!

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