So much to do, so little time…

Time management is overwhelming, so why am I even thinking about finding a job? 

You can do it, says our elder. Here’s how to conquer the to-do list.


Dear EWC

I have difficulties with cleaning my room, learning for school and finding a part-time job. Everything is just overwhelming and I can’t seem to find balance. I tried several time management techniques but I still feel stuck. It just gets hard sometimes and the lack of financial income is stressing me out. Should I take a job, even if I know it won’t satisfy me and I won’t like it? Or should I keep looking for a job I am interested in (I would really like to work in a coffee shop) even if it takes some time? I am living with my parents, so it’s not that urgent for me to have money, but I have to pay for things that aren’t food/school/living/clothing/medicine and I also want to start saving money for my future plans. Thanks to anybody who decides to reply.


Loving-Grandmother replies

Your issues are being cited all the time in this advice arena. You are not alone. Life can feel overwhelming. When that happens, just write everything you need to accomplish down on a list. Then, take that list and prioritize all the things you need to do. I like to mark things with an “A” for stuff that really needs to happen immediately. Once all the “A’s” are marked. Go back and number them 1-10 or whatever. So now you have an ORDER to the list. Then, proceed by marking down all the “B” items which refer to stuff you need to do but could slip over to another day. Now number all the “B’s” so you know in what order to deal with them. Finally, list all the “C’s” and these are the things that can wait a day or more to tackle. Now number those. You have a complete daily list of “to do’s” all listed and prioritized. Cross off each item as it gets done. This feels good! Then, do it again the next day and the next. Move anything that is still an “A” but you didn’t get it done that day. Reprioritize and number every single day. This way you will feel like you are accomplishing your goals and they won’t be overwhelming. 

In terms of finding a job… find something that will satisfy you for the near term. Don’t worry about finding the “perfect” job; it doesn’t exist. Just find one that you enjoy going to. You mention a coffee shop. Start there. Look online and talk to your entire network and just walk into coffee shops that you’d like to work at and see if they are looking. You need to balance your desire to work with all your other duties like school work and home life. Find a job that fits your needs and doesn’t require you to work hours that you are not available. There are lots of jobs out there; keep looking until you land one. I want to commend you for wishing to save money. This is a great trait! Keep up the good work, breathe and try the prioritization method. I guarantee it will work for you if you do it every day. The benefit is that you will sleep better at night knowing that you’ve accomplished what really needed to be done that day and save the rest for another day. All the best. 

Best Regards,


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