My crush did like me once…

But now he’s dating the most popular girl in school. What should I do?

Get to know him better, says our elder. Be fearless and have fun!


Dear EWC

Hi! I have a crush on this guy who I can’t admit that I have feelings for. He did like me at one point, but never said anything. I just heard it from my friends. He is popular at school and he now is the boyfriend of the most popular girl in school. I still really like this guy because he is so sweet and cute. How do I move on or should I wait to see if he breaks up with his girlfriend?


Owl replies

You have a Big Crush on this guy who is dating the most popular girl in school. Understood. However, my questions to you are these. How does he behave around you now? Does he talk to you? Make eye contact? Laugh if you make a joke? Are you friends? Do you have outside interests in common? Do you know much about him? 

If you said no to most of the above, it’s time you learned more about your crush. Start talking or make him laugh by sharing a joke. Ask his opinion about something. Do you share a class? If so, ask him for help on a subject or suggest studying together. Make friends with his friends; that’s a good starting point. Ask him about his favorite color, class, movie, TV show, food, or whatever? Find out if you share some common interests.

Try this website out for conversation starters. It has a million ways to start the ball rolling. I wish I’d known about this site sooner myself. Check out the This or That section. The questions are interactive and will be fun in your school setting. You can even have these ready on your phone.

I know it’s haunting you, but why not find out if you like your crush once you know more about him? Then you can decide if he is worth waiting for. 

Better yet, why not apply the above to all the boys you like in class? It would be a great way to make new friends, and from there, who knows? Romance may be yours. 

Most of all, be you, and have fun! Dating and falling in love should be about finding someone with shared interests and values, and that someone should make your heart race. Concentrate on that rather than a coulda, shoulda, might, or maybe – and that’s if your friends were right. 

Treat all this as an exciting new adventure. Nothing is guaranteed, but that’s life – in all its messy glory. Be fearless, and have fun! Who knows where that may lead? Good luck; I’m rooting for you. 

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