They spread lies about me!

Backstabbers at my expensive school have ruined everything between me and my crush. 

Ignore the gossip, says our elder. Talk to your crush and set the record straight.


Dear EWC

I go to a really expensive school. Meaning we have some people who for lack of a better word are privileged. I mean we are all privileged but sometimes these people hurt my friends and they constantly spread lies or half-truths about me. One of these lies include me dating a really weird guy but in truth we were just friends. The effect of this is that my crush thinks I’m weird for supposedly dating this guy. Also my crush keeps on ignoring me and I’m not sure if I even like them anymore. My friends have been telling me that my crush has been saying shit about me but I don’t know if I should trust them since I always get backstabbed and I’m tired of it.


Mrs.G replies

It’s sad to say, but schools are the breeding ground for gossip; and I feel sorry that you have fallen victim to it all. You need to be careful, however, in assuming “everybody” is putting you down. Try to keep things in perspective and just deal mainly with your crush.

It sounds as though things have gotten rocky between the two of you so you need to sit down and have an open and honest conversation with him. You need to tell him that it hurts you when he believes what your friends are saying and not you. You also need to tell him you’ve been told he’s saying things about you which you find a bit unfair. And, the fact that he seems to be ignoring you needs to be talked about. Ask him point blank if he wants to stop seeing you. There – you will have covered everything and you can now go from there. Communication is the key to any relationship.

Regarding all these other people, try to not pay attention to their gossip. It’s harmful so just ignore them. They can only feel important by laughing at others so they’re not genuine to begin with. There’s no need for you to associate with them either. You sound like an honest and sincere guy so don’t lower yourself.

I hope things work out for you in this matter. And if you end up breaking up with your crush, just tell yourself it was meant to be and you will do fine. I wish you luck.

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