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Our volunteers at ElderWisdomCircle dispense such wise, warm-hearted advice that we couldn’t resist sharing some gems with you too.

We post a new problem and the advice here every day so check back regularly (or subscribe)  to find out what’s bothering our young letter writers, and what their wise older mentors have to say about it.

I hope you’ll feel inspired to apply their wisdom to your own life—and remember, if there’s something on your mind, our elders are always here to help.

Doug Meckelson

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He won’t meet my friends!

A letter writer’s boyfriend never wants to go out with other friends. Is this a big deal? Absolutely, says our ...
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My son is suicidal…

… and he won’t go to counseling. How can I help him, asks a letter writer. I wish I could ...
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I love him — but he’s not real!

A letter writer is in love with a fictional character on TV. Can our elder help? Dear EWC I recently ...
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I got my period at school!

Should I be embarrassed, asks a letter writer. Not at all, says our elder. It happens to everyone. Dear EWC ...
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He’s a naturist and she’s 22!

A letter writer is concerned about her boyfriend’s relationship with his new employee. You’re right to be troubled, says our ...
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A Christmas gift for Granddad

What can I buy for a man who says he has everything? You’ve come to the right place, says our ...
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/ / Family

Why can’t she be my mom?

A letter writer really, really misses a coworker who left her job. Can our elder help her? Dear EWC I’ve ...
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/ / Friendship

Don’t make me eat that!

I’m scared of new foods because I have Asperger’s — but my boyfriend doesn’t understand. Our elder is here to ...
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/ / Self-Improvement

Double wedding, anyone?

My boyfriend’s brother just scooped our wedding. Should we cancel? Our elder has a suggestion… Dear EWC My boyfriend and ...
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/ / Marriage

So can I skip my homework?

A letter writer has been told to live every day like it’s their last. Does this mean they can stop ...
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/ / School