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Doug Meckelson

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Stop shipping! I don’t like him

My friends want me to get with this guy, but I like someone else. What should I do? Be honest, ...
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/ / Dating/Relationship

Mom’s paranoia is outta control

I’m about to go to college, but worried about my mom — her conspiracy theories are increasingly wacky! Ask for ...
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/ / Family

Can I go back to dance class?

The thing is, my dance teacher reported my boyfriend for statutory rape. Put yourself in her shoes, says our elder, ...
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/ / Self-Improvement

My teacher blanks me!

I got to know one of my teachers as a mentor, but now he won’t talk to me. Should I ...
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/ / School

You’re at the strip club, liar!

My lying husband said he was going for dinner with a colleague — but I found him at the strip ...
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/ / Marriage

I never see my friends IRL

I make friends easily enough, but I never want to get together with them. Is there something wrong with me? ...
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/ / Friendship

Sick of mom’s user siblings

My mom’s brothers and sisters are just using her for money, and I can’t stand it anymore. Tread carefully, says ...
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/ / Family

It’s a date, not a hangout!

A letter writer and his friend are going to try and take their relationship out of the friend zone. How ...
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/ / Dating/Relationship

My stepdaughter is stealing!

Every time my stepdaughter comes round, my daughter’s toys go missing. Can I bar her from my house? I think ...
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/ / Children

You said what at work?!

A letter writer made a dumb joke at work and she just can’t get over the embarrassment. Don’t worry, says ...
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/ / Career