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Our volunteers at ElderWisdomCircle dispense such wise, warm-hearted advice that we couldn’t resist sharing some gems with you too.

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Doug Meckelson

I’ve got the college jitters!

I’m excited to head off to college — but scared at the same time. Can our elder help a high ...
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/ / School

Lonely old lady’s poison pen

I used to have a good relationship with an elderly neighbor, but then she started leaving me nasty letters under ...
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/ / Friendship

BF won’t let me reduce my GGs!

I really want to have a breast reduction to help with severe back pain, but my boyfriend says he won’t ...
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Dying grandad is inappropriate

My grandfather keeps saying hurtful, sexually inappropriate things… but he’s dying. Should I spend time with him? There’s no right ...
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/ / Family

My wife and my mom: It’s war!

Ever since my son was born, my wife and my mom have not gotten along. How can I help? Support ...
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/ / Children

No job, I feel like a moron

A young letter writer is struggling to land their first job. It sounds like you’re doing everything right, says our ...
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/ / Career

Too young to cry

There have been a lot of deaths in my family but I feel that I don’t have the right to ...
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/ / Family

The pants are staying!

I helped my boyfriend shop for an outfit for a family event, but now his sister’s taking over — and ...
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He’s addicted to gambling

My boyfriend is so addicted to sports betting, he once checked his phone 25 times during a movie. What can ...
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Should I shave my head?

A letter writer wants to shave her hair off, but worries that she might regret it and spiral back into ...
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/ / Self-Improvement