A work date caught on camera

I hung out with my boyfriend during his work shift and now my boss is going to tell my parents.

It might be time to ‘fess up before they hear it from your boss, says our elder.

Dear EWC

Recently my coworker and I have developed feelings for eachother. He’s 23 and I’m 18. Last night, I stayed through his work shift to sit and talk with him. My boss (who is friends with my parents) watched the cameras and saw us hug and hold hands. She now doesn’t want me in the store while he works, and I’m afraid of what will happen when she tells my parents. I’ve never been in a relationship. I’ve never kissed anybody, and I’ve never experienced this amount of stress before. Any advice on what I should do would be greatly appreciated.

Grandpa-Bill replies

You should tell your parents yourself what happened as it is far better they hear it from you. You didn’t do anything horrible, it is just that the boss sees it as you interfering with your boyfriend’s work productivity. Go see the boss and apologize for being there distracting him and say that it won’t happen again. With your boyfriend, come up with a time you two can get together outside of working hours and agree not to email one another during work.

As far as feeling stressed, if you don’t feel comfortable kissing him, or being alone with him, then don’t do it. Listen to your gut feelings. You can always say you aren’t ready to date.

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