School gives me nightmares

I’m traumatized by the school but my mom went back on her promise to sign me up for online school. Help!

That’s a high level of anxiety, says our elder. It’s important that you get counseling.

Dear EWC

Last year I wanted to leave school and enter a new one. I was never doing well in my school because of the atmosphere and the way everyone goes about things. I’ve even had nightmares. I’ve never been bullied or anything but I’m traumatized by the school. However, I’ve never felt welcomed or acknowledged for all I’ve done in the school, constantly stepping in for others who are/should be doing more due to their positions yet never receiving any credit or thanks. My mother promised that if I completed 10th grade (as I did) she’d let me do online school and now she’s telling me I’m still going to my regular school and telling others she never promised me or made that deal. Through the summer I would show her everything about online school and how it works, and she just kept saying she’d sign me up but never did. I kept my promise but she won’t. It’s the second day of school. I didn’t go on the first day — I got dressed and ready to go but now I’m sitting here because I really can’t even make it near my school and it’s only nine minutes away when walking. I just feel my chest get tight and I sometimes breathe hard and sweat. I don’t wanna miss school but I can’t do it there anymore. What do I do?

Tutu-Debbie replies

I don’t know where you live or go to school, but I am hoping there is another high school near you where you could transfer or even an alternative school for people who have trouble adjusting to a regular classroom.

Even more importantly, the only way you are going to know what is right for you is with some psychological counseling. That level of anxiety over going to any school is not normal and you shouldn’t have to suffer it. If you haven’t been able to talk to your mom about it successfully, you should go to your school counselor’s office. They can recommend a counselor to you, maybe within the school system or maybe privately. If you have insurance, counseling should be covered. If you don’t, many communities have a sliding scale mental health center where you would be charged less if needed.

If you cannot find somewhere to get counseling in your area, you could look at Mental Health America for resources for finding treatment.
The right answer is out there for you, I hope some or one of these ideas helps.
Good luck to you!

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