I want to shave my head

This letter writer wants to make a statement. 

Why not consider some alternatives, suggests our elder.


Dear EWC

So, I’m 16 years old and I want to shave my head it’s not to be rebellious or anything but I just in the phase of not giving a f*** (excuse my French). I have been having a hard time in high school. I want to do something new and release what I’ve been feeling some other way. I’m tired of diaries and talking to people even though I’m talking to you, but I just want to make a statement. I want to see another side of me I’ve never seen before. I know you’re probably thinking, “Don’t do it – your hair is probably beautiful and you don’t have to shave your head and blah blah blah and you might regret it”. My mom thinks it has something to do with sexuality and other stuff which I hate she would think of me. I still don’t understand why, to be honest, and as disrespectful as it is to say this. I really don’t care what she said. I’m ready to write a new chapter in my life. I’m really considering doing it whether she likes it or not because I’m just like that. So, tell me what you think please. 


Hedwig replies

I have an idea that might be a compromise. How about going into a costume shop and getting one of those bald wigs – like those realistic ones that actors use when they are filming. That way you could try out the experience – see the reactions you get, and also see how you feel about this without making such an extreme decision. You would certainly get reactions, and you could leave it on as long as you wish or at least until you change your mind.

Keep in mind that the moment you show yourself as bald (in reality or with the wig) many people will think you have cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy. How would you react to that?

Also keep in mind that people with well -shaped heads often look OK – but you might be distressed with the new look and then be forced to wear a scarf until it all grows back in. I don’t stress regret because your hair will grow back. However, do consider being quite cold in the winter and risking sunburn in the summer.

Another idea would be to dye your hair or get a complete make-over (top to toe). That would better fit your title of self-improvement. Breaking free can be positive and not negative. Consider some alternatives; that is my basic advice.

You will be the same person – bald or hairy – so why not consider some internal rather than merely superficial external changes. This is not the way to start a new chapter, it is just a coverup, a hiding of the person you really are. If you want to start a new chapter don’t fight with you mom over trivial things. Aim for maturity, act like an adult, improve your studies, get a job, volunteer for a worthwhile organization or animal shelter. There are so many actions you could take that would spell improvement. Baldness is just not one of them.

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