Struggling to enjoy things 

I’m feeling low and I don’t know how to break the numbness. First, seek out therapy, says our elder. And in the meantime, here are some suggestions to help you take that first step.


Dear EWC

Hey! I really love this website. It’s been very helpful for me. I’ve been through depression/mood changes and numbness recently and I don’t know how to break it. Nothing helps, it’s been a while and I’m struggling a lot to enjoy simple things in life. It could be that I’m getting older but I don’t know… I don’t enjoy eating like I used to, or doing activities I used to love. I hate socializing with people even though this is the reason I’m depressed because I’m so low. Thank you


Good-Listener replies

I’m sorry you’re feeling so low and out of sorts. If in fact you are clinically depressed, no one at Elder Wisdom Circle can diagnose or treat you. However, what I can do is make suggestions as to how you may be able to elevate your mood on at least a surface level, which may help motivate you. At the very least, it couldn’t hurt!

The first thing to suggest is that if indeed you feel that you are depressed, that you try to get some counseling or therapy – even if on a short-term basis. I believe that since the pandemic, most therapists are actually online these days, and it may cut down the cost. But besides that, I’ll throw in the following – even if it seems pedantic or simplistic.

Try to think of easy things you can do without much effort. That could be as simple as watching funny movies, TV or listening to music you love. Again, these are surface things simply to make you feel a little better even in the very short run. Take walks, so anything physical that might elevate your state of mind. Go to a lecture or seminar or anything that’s fun–- and if you don’t feel like physically going, there are so many things on Zoom these days. I don’t go out that much anymore but because of Zoom, I can go to all sorts of interesting classes and presentations. Try, if possible, to stay away from negative people – that’s a big one!

See if you can do something for someone else. That’s always a way to feel better. If you can actually volunteer somewhere – great, or just do something nice for a family member, friend or someone in your community. Guaranteed you’ll get satisfaction from it.

Again, these are suggestions to either get you up, or get you to a point where you feel ok enough to take another step – even if to therapy. Don’t give up: Sometimes the darkest times lead to the best times, and there’s no reason it won’t be the case here. Good luck!

Should you have other issues you might want to discuss with a member of The Elder Wisdom Circle, please don’t hesitate to write. That’s what we’re here for!

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