Can’t get him out of my head

So why has he stopped communicating with me? 

Our elder has some advice for a letter writer who has lost the bond with her crush: stay upbeat and keep it breezy. 


Dear EWC

So it all began when he texted me about some notes and then we began talking. I think I really like him and for a few days I thought he feels that same way too. I just can’t get him out of my head. But since school started we are texting less, he doesn’t initiate conversations, we don’t make jokes now, it’s like we have lost the bond. Idk why. I think I am putting my best in it, maybe he’s too busy with school, maybe he spends his time with his other friends now, or Idk if there’s someone else. Idk what to do, I really want him but idk if that’s possible now. I do have a doubt about some girl. I can’t do anything he’s in my head, my every move is for him. Is there any way I can reduce his influence over my life and still continue to talk without desiring a relationship? I will be really grateful to you.


M-Sharon replies

This is a difficult situation because you don’t know why he’s not communicating. I think the best you can do is contact him often (but not every day) and ask breezy questions like how is school going, what’s new with you, etc. Include something you’re doing now that you like (a class, sport, hobby, whatever) with a positive, upbeat attitude. 

Hopefully, this will encourage him to respond. and begin a dialogue.

Keep in mind this may not work. So, in the meantime, make yourself get out there  and meet others. Stay busy with your studies, stay close to your friends, and look for opportunities to expand your social circle. Keeping busy productively will help you get through this.

This won’t be easy, but I think it is the best thing for you to do.

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  1. Great advice! Try, but not too hard…perfect!

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