Whoah, medicine is hard!

This letter writer is having second thoughts about their career plans. 

Our elder has some tips on choosing a path that fits.


Dear EWC

You know that feeling, when you know that your parents expect a lot from you, but never say so just to keep you away from the stress? That is exactly what I’ve been feeling for the past nine months. I was never someone who’d work hard for something. My parents thought that I was smart because I always scored well with minimum effort. That was the scenario till I realized that I wanted to choose medicine as a career. As much as I love this career, I always keep feeling that I am not fit for it. I know that medicine is a work of consistency and dedication, and I lack both of those. I know that I am going to do it anyway, but I need to develop those qualities. Please give me some advice.


PureSue replies

It’s good that you are aware that your parents expect a lot from you.

That in itself can become very stressful when you are not expecting the same for yourself and hiding those facts from them. 

Ask yourself what you envision by choosing a field that you don’t feel fit for? Do you really trust that because you are smart and so far have had it easy in school you can find a way to make it work? If so, isn’t that adding more stress to an already stressful situation? 

To move forward, it is crucial you become aware of what your desired levels of fulfillment are. Your key values and goals for a sweet life. Because those are important qualities to recognize about yourself in order to make a wise and fitting choice right now.

Too many young people decide what to study or follow because they believe it will be best for their parents, following in customary footsteps, being respectful and bringing honor. They forget to look deep into their own hearts. Please don’t miss this step.

Everything that has value involves levels of consistency and dedication. It is not just in the practice of medicine. Becoming a well-rounded person involves dedication and consistent practices to better oneself spiritually, physically, career-wise, financially, and socially. 

For the past nine months, you have been keeping a secret about your work ethic from your parents, and this must be weighing on you. 

I invite you to document how your stress levels are showing up. Do they show in your emotional state of mind, your physicality, health conditions, skin or stomach occurrences? 

If you have any or a combination of the above conditions, please set aside a chunk of time, take the next month if need to, to follow your instincts, your heart, and your truth to discover why you are hiding your concerns. 

Taking time to privately write really helps to bring clarity. It can help you discover if there are other fields and specialties you could see yourself excelling in and having it fuel your soul and dreams.

Take a measure of each of the truths that fall upon your page and rate them in a 1-10 ratio. Take time to journal about each realization and discovery. Deeply examine through your most honest voice your deepest desires, goals, feelings, and emotions. What do you want? 

Picture yourself being content and happy. A contributing, creative, inspired, and grateful person living your fullest life? The world can use a lot more of that type of person, don’t you think? If you can’t picture it, invent and create it. This process can bring in some parts of you hidden by trying to do the right thing.

If it isn’t medicine, discover what will fit you best. If medicine is your choice, find out why you want to pursue it, what exact field of medicine you may lean towards, and how hard you’re willing to change your habits to make that happen.

Examine the situation you are in with a more curious eye, open heart, and discerning, enlightened mind. The message seems clear: if you don’t follow what you are passionate about, you will be denying your purpose and falsely presenting yourself to your family and the field of medicine. Not a comfortable place to put yourself.

You are enough. You are important. You are also smart. 

I am linking a video of a man who I believe has the answers, directives and proven strategies that you are asking for to find your way through your dilemma and help you figure out how to set your life in the best trajectory.

Watch and listen with openness. Listen to his personal story. Find his other videos and follow his ideas. Practice them and notice yourself changing. You don’t need to pay for a course. There is so much information given for free. Make this your first choice for making the quality choices you are asking for.

Once you have deeper clarity, commit to using his processes even just to see how you adapt. Once you feel strength in yourself, that would be the time to share with your parents how you have gotten by thus far, your concerns about medicine, and, if so, what you would prefer to engage in going forward instead. Try not to decide for them; they may surprise you with relief, ideas, and support.

Working from a clearer perspective even if you do choose the path of medicine, you will have made it with full disclosure to all. 

I wish you luck in finding your happy place so you can heal yourself and those around you because you are living the life you have dreamed of.

Feel free to write back and share how you are managing and if you have questions about Dr. John DeMartini that we can discuss. I truly feel he has a wonderful message for the youth of the world. 

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