My holiday resort crush

I’m sure he’s gay and that he likes me too.

You’re just going to have to go up and talk to him, says our elder — even if he’s with his family.

Dear EWC

I am currently staying at a hotel in which there is a boy my age staying at as well. He is most definitely gay, and I am almost 99 percent sure there is a mutual feeling between us. I see him walking around the resort quite often and I want to talk to him and get his number or Snapchat, but he is always with his family, and I don’t know how to get him by himself so I can go talk to him. Whenever we see each other we always look at each other. I don’t want this to go to waste, because if I don’t get my chance to talk to him, I will regret it the rest of my life.

Nick replies

I don’t know if this response is too late and you or he are no longer staying at the resort
If not, then you simply are going to have to go up to him, even if his family is with him, introduce yourself, and tell him you’re looking for a partner to play [ping pong, foosball, whatever] and ask if he’d be interested. Then even if he says he can’t, say, “Let me give you my number in case you change your mind or in case your plans change.” This way you can ask him to shoot you his number and problem solved!

If you care to, shoot me a follow-up to let me know how it turns out!

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